Intelligent patrol inspection robot

The outdoor patrol and detection robot

Equipped with an independently-developed control module for automatic path planning, the intelligent patrol robot can patrol to designated places at regular intervals and read recordings in designated instruments and areas. It enables multi-robot collaborative and intelligent inspection and patrol as well as remote unmanned monitoring to help decision making in such industrial scenes as electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, water affair, and park.

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Route Planning

The complete intelligent patrol inspection solutions which integrates the robot , the monitoring backstage system, the remote centralized control system and the micro-weather collection system in robot charging room.

Automatic Navigation

Use self-developed control module for automatic route planning, Plan the most suitable route; automatic positioning, Automatically implement tasks.

Automatically recharging

Automatic recharging at low battery level,  without manual intervention

Intelligent patrol inspection robot

Mission patrol inspection

Automatically implement Patrol inspection tasks in the substation and record the status information of each device.

Mission patrol inspection

Automatically Analysis data

Automatically analyze information of equipment and alarm for abnormal conditions

Automatically Analysis data


Dimensions 722*458*960 ( mm)
Weight 78kg
Operating Power 8h


Ambient temperature: -10°C to 60°C/Ambient

humidity: <99%; Protection rating: IP55;operable in light rainy days

Visible Light Resolution

Infrared Resolution

1920 x 1080/30X optical zoom
Navigation Mode 640 x 480/Accuracy>0.5°C
Moving Mode 3D LIDAR trackless navigation,automatic obstac le avoidance
Maximum Driving Speed Steering when going straight and marching forward; steering in place; translating, park ing 1.2m/s (Note: Maximum driving speed in remote mode )
Maximum Parking Distance 0.5 m (Note: Maximum brak ing distance at1m/s moving speed)
Sensor Visible light camera, thermal infrared imager,noise collection device, optional distributed temperature and humidity detection device, and AIS partial discharge monitoring
Control Mode Fully-automatic/remote control

fully-automatic/remote control

Intelligent patrol inspection robot-page

Applicable scenarios

The outdoor patrol and detection robot

Application cases

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