Delivery Robot


Multi-Sensor Obstacle Avoidance, All-Terrain Adaptation, Extreme Lightweight Design, Long Endurance



The outdoor intelligent delivery robot is developed based on multi-sensor fusion perception technology by Intelligence.Ally Technology Co., Ltd. This robot has a six-wheel electric chassis derived from the rover technology, with strong ability to pass through all terrain. It has simple and solid structure, lightweight design, high payload capacity and long endurance. This robot integrates a variety of sensors, such as 3D LiDAR, IMU, GNSS, 2D TOF LiDAR, camera, etc. The fusion perception algorithm is adopted to realize real-time environment perception and intelligent obstacle avoidance for enhancing the safety of the robot operations. In addition, this robot supports low power alarm, real-time position report, breakdown forecast and alarm, and other security policies to meet higher safety requirements.

• Strong passability:

Six-wheel electric chassis with lifting rocker arm, easy to deal with road shoulder, gravel, potholes and other road conditions.

• Lightweight but strong enough:

Designed with a large number of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and engineering plastic materials; structural design optimization, with high structural strength at the same time, effectively reduce weight.

• Long endurance:

Lithium battery power supply with high energy density, targeted optimization of motion control algorithm, effectively reduce power consumption.


Dimensions, LengthxWidthxHeight 60*54*65 (cm)
Weight(unloaded) 40kg
Nominal payload capacity 20kg
Maximum Speed 1.0 m/s
Maximum Step Height 15cm
Maximum Degree of Slope 25。
Range 15km (maximum)
Power and Battery Ternary lithium battery(18650 Battery cells)24V 1.8kw.h, Charging time: 1.5 hours from 0 to 90%
Sensor Configuration 3D Lidar*1, 2D TOF Lidar*2、GNSS (supports RTK), IMU, camera with 720P and 30fps *4
Cellular and Wireless 4G\5G
Safety Design Low power alarm, active obstacle avoidance, fault self-inspection, power lock
Working Environment Ambient humidity: < 80%,Nominal operating temperature range: -10°C~60°C, 

Applicable road: cement, asphalt, stone, grass, snow