Cleaning Robot

  • Intelligent patrol inspection robot

    Intelligent patrol inspection robot

    Equipped with an independently-developed control module for automatic path planning, the intelligent patrol robot can patrol to designated places at regular intervals and read recordings in designated instruments and areas. It enables multi-robot collaborative and intelligent inspection and patrol as well as remote unmanned monitoring to help decision making in such industrial scenes as electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, water affair, and park.

  • Commercial Cleaning Robot

    Commercial Cleaning Robot

    This commercial cleaning robot integrates floor washing, vacuuming and dust pushing, and allows for 24/7 independent charging, self-cleaning, drainage, water filling with a full-featured base station. It can be widely used in hospitals, shopping malls, campuses, exhibition halls, office buildings, terminals and other places.

  • Commercial Cleaning Robot-2

    Commercial Cleaning Robot-2

    Integrated vacuuming, mopping and cleaning, and intelligent frequency conversion: say no to tedious work with dust pushing and floor washing by rolling brushes; intelligent sensing of floor stains; automatic adjustment of water volume and suction power; simple cleaning of dry and wet garbage; and separated solid and liquid garbage.

    Automatic, standard, accurate and controllable cleaning with every corner covered