Outdoor cleaning robot

The commercial outdoor cleaning robot

Combining LIDAR, camera, GNSS module, IMU module and other sensors, the unmanned cleaning robot can automatically and intelligently plan tasks, and finish cleaning, spray ing and garbage collection to minimize the work of sanitation workers. It can be used in city auxiliary lanes, secondary main roads, main roads, plazas, parks, industrial parks, airports, and high-speed railway station squares.

The commercial outdoor cleaning robot


Thermal Imaging HD video 360°seamless monitor

Wide-angle HD video monitor, providing infrared night vision and automatic near-distance lighting, automatic switching between day and night modes, highly quality pictures. 

High-grade protection disig Full-time trouble free operation

IP55 rainproof design, the core device IP67 high protection level, trouble-free operation under various weather conditions, 24 hours uninterrupted autonomous patrol

One-key voice alarm Two-way real-time intercom

While under the emergency, one-key to turn on the voice intercom to connect to the backstage, automatic recording and video recording

HD anti-glare touch screen Meet customized needs

Can realize advertising broadcast, video promotion, software interaction, etc.


Cleaning Width 140cm
Working Efficiency 4500m²/h
Overall Dimensions 1865mm*1040mm*1913mm
Mass 750kg
Maximum Speed 6km/h
Climbing Capacity Maxium15°
Operating Hours 5-8h
Garbage Tank Capacity 150L
Water Tank Capacity 55L

Precise obstacle avoidance

Integrates multi-sensor fusion such as lidar, camera, GNSS module, IMU module, etc.

Possess centimeter-level navigation in complex indoor and outdoor environments

Automatic Planning

Intelligent roue planning,automaticcally sweeping、watering and garbage collection to realize the  intelligent unmanned urban sanitation and improve cleaning efficiency.

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