Custom Atomized Disinfection Robot

Custom Atomized Disinfection Robot

Ultrasonic automized| Intelligent disinfection| Automatically working| Human-machine separation

Highly disinfection efficiency

4-way nozzle, diffuse atomization, atomized particles less than 10μm, disinfection and killing ability≥6log, clean and no residue. 360° seamless disinfection ,which can reaches 1161m²15min.

Remote & Unmanned control,safety and convenient operation

Automatically route planning to reach the destination, and the personnel do not need to enter the disinfection area , which can save manpower and prevent the infection of operating personnel.

Custom Atomized Disinfection Robot


Footprint  507×507×1293 mm
Net weight  43.6 Kg
Moving speed  0.3 m/s
Positioning accuracy  ±5 cm
Width of driving channel ≥800 mm
Gradeability deability  ≤5°
Obstacle crossing ability  1 cm
Minimum turning radius  0
Touch screen  10.1 inch capacitive screen, 1280*800
Communication method  Wi-Fi
Battery  24 V/30 Ah lithium battery
Standby time  27 h
Endurance  5h
Charging time  5~6 h
Operating noise  ≤50 dB