Commercial floor scrubber

The commercial indoor cleaning robot

ThisCommercial indoor cleaning robot for commercialusage isindependentlydeveloped by Intelligenceally technologyintegratedwith floor washing, vacuming, dustpushingand dirtremoving Capable ofautomaticcleaning  and flexibleresponseto complicated scenarios, itis suitablefor shoppingmalls, airports, hotels, exhibition halls,communities andother indoor and outdoor public places.

Commercial Customized Cleaning Robot

High-precision and intelligent navigation
High efficient working

High-efficient cleaning ability

Up to 650mm cleaning width, can reaches 3000m²h. Combining multiple equipment such as brush tray, squeegee, dust pusher, etc., realizes all-round efficient cleaning .

Strong ability to work independently

Automatically start the task at regular time, automatic recharging at low battery level, complete and continuous cleaning with breakpoint renewal, no need to repeat the operation, and ensure the integrity of the operation.

Human-computer interaction capabilities

Automatically complete the cleaning route planning, realize full coverage of the cleaning area, and support one-key automatic cleaning, without excessive operations.



Unmanned-level automatic navigation

Unmanned-level multi-sensor automatic navigation technology enables high-accuracy robot navigation control as well as safe and reliable operation indoors and outdoors.

Robust and continuous cleaning

650mm cleaning width, 5000m2 single operation area, multi-stage water circulation system meet efficient cleaning requirements in various scenarios.

Easy deployment and maintenance

Easy usage and maintenance is possible thanks to automatic return for charging, intelligent monitoring and prompts of water volume, electric quantity, and consumables,mobile app as well as dual remote dispatch systems.

The commercial indoor cleaning robot


Dimensions 793mm(L)*756mm(W)* 1050mm(H)
Weight 160士5 kg
Cleaning Width 650mm
Rated Drive Motor Power 300W*2
Rated Pumping Motor Power 500W
Rated Brushing Dial Motor Power 400W*2
Brushing Dial Rotation Speed 185r/min
Battery 24V 100Ah lithium battery
Operating Hours 6-8h
Charging Time 3-4h
Cleaning System Clean water tank capacity: 17Lsewage tank capacity: 22L
Moving Speed 0-1 5m/s
Maximum Cleaning Efficiency 2750m²/h
Operating Noise <75dB
The commercial indoor cleaning robot

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