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  • HUAWEI Bantian Base

    Location:Training center Cleaning area:Almost 2000m² Full coverage of cleaning time: around 3 hours High efficient which means can replace a cleaner working for 16 hours, improve 100% operation efficiency and reduce 50% cost Cleaning effect: The full-coverage dust push operation is increased once a day, and the full-coverage washing operation is increased 5 times a week. At the same time, the job of the cleaning staff in the area is becoming sample such as patrol inspection, garbage dumping, and robot task deployment.
  • Shenzhen Airport Apron

    Cleaning area: Shenzhen Airport Apron Project background: Apron cleaning requires 24-hour shift work to timely remove metal, gravel, baggage parts and other foreign object debris (FOD) in a large area. To this end, Intelligence.Ally Technology has developed an unmanned intelligent cleaning robot that integrates automatic planning, accurate obstacle avoidance, and automatic cleaning. It has such functions as real-time operation inspection and monitoring as well as task dispatch, and can be connected to the flight management system. Project effect: As a pioneer project in the industry, the apron cleaning robot effectively eases the cleaning workload, improves efficiency and effect, and ensures safe aircraft take-off and landing in Shenzhen Airport.
  • A substation

    Inspection region: 220KV and 110KV alternation region Inspection area: Around 30,000 m2 Inspection task points: Around 4,800 Full-coverage inspection time: Around 3-4 days The inspection robot is capable of meter reading, infrared temperature detection, equipment appearance inspection and location identification. A light is provided to facilitate night inspection, 4-6 times more efficient than manual inspection. Moreover, it can finish data recording, analysis and alarming simultaneously.


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