• Outdoor Intelligent delivery robot

    Outdoor Intelligent delivery robot

    The outdoor intelligent delivery robot is developed based on multi-sensor fusion perception technology by Intelligence.Ally Technology Co., Ltd. This robot has a six-wheel electric chassis derived from the rover technology, with strong ability to pass through all terrain. It has simple and solid structure, lightweight design, high payload capacity and long endurance. This robot integrates a variety of sensors, such as 3D LiDAR, IMU, GNSS, 2D TOF LiDAR, camera, etc. The fusion perception algorithm is adopted to realize real-time environment perception and intelligent obstacle avoidance for enhancing the safety of the robot operations. In addition, this robot supports low power alarm, real-time position report, breakdown forecast and alarm, and other security policies to meet higher safety requirements.

  • Commercial Customized Cleaning Robot

    Commercial Customized Cleaning Robot

    High-precision and intelligent navigation
    High efficient working

    High-efficient cleaning ability

    Up to 650mm cleaning width, can reaches 3000m²h. Combining multiple equipment such as brush tray, squeegee, dust pusher, etc., realizes all-round efficient cleaning .

    Strong ability to work independently

    Automatically start the task at regular time, automatic recharging at low battery level, complete and continuous cleaning with breakpoint renewal, no need to repeat the operation, and ensure the integrity of the operation.

    Human-computer interaction capabilities

    Automatically complete the cleaning route planning, realize full coverage of the cleaning area, and support one-key automatic cleaning, without excessive operations.

  • Intelligent cleaning robot

    Intelligent cleaning robot

    It integrates scrubbing, vacuuming, and dust pushing, integrates various sensors, and has multiple obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, and anti-drop designs. It operates stably and safely, and can adapt to more complex environments; high work efficiency, with a single cleaning efficiency of 1200²m / hour and can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted cleaning operations.

  • Outdoor sweeping robot

    Outdoor sweeping robot

    Combining LIDAR, camera, GNSS module, IMU module and other sensors, the unmanned cleaning robot can automatically and intelligently plan tasks, and finish cleaning, spray ing and garbage collection to minimize the work of sanitation workers. It can be used in city auxiliary lanes, secondary main roads, main roads, plazas, parks, industrial parks, airports, and high-speed railway station squares.

  • Custom Atomized Disinfection Robot

    Custom Atomized Disinfection Robot

    Ultrasonic automized| Intelligent disinfection| Automatically working| Human-machine separation

    Highly disinfection efficiency

    4-way nozzle, diffuse atomization, atomized particles less than 10μm, disinfection and killing ability≥6log, clean and no residue. 360° seamless disinfection ,which can reaches 1161m²15min.

    Remote & Unmanned control,safety and convenient operation

    Automatically route planning to reach the destination, and the personnel do not need to enter the disinfection area , which can save manpower and prevent the infection of operating personnel.

  • Intelligent atomization disinfection robot

    Intelligent atomization disinfection robot

    360°seamless disinfection on the surface of the indoor space and the air can be achieved to avoid infection of operating personnel. The robot can reach the disinfection area via autonomous navigation and autonomous obstacle avoidance, and perform 360°seamless disinfection. It is compatible with the remote control by a mobile phone/tablet to efficiently disinfect the designated area.

  • Intelligent patrol inspection robot

    Intelligent patrol inspection robot

    Equipped with an independently-developed control module for automatic path planning, the intelligent patrol robot can patrol to designated places at regular intervals and read recordings in designated instruments and areas. It enables multi-robot collaborative and intelligent inspection and patrol as well as remote unmanned monitoring to help decision making in such industrial scenes as electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, water affair, and park.

  • Commercial Cleaning Robot

    Commercial Cleaning Robot

    This commercial cleaning robot integrates floor washing, vacuuming and dust pushing, and allows for 24/7 independent charging, self-cleaning, drainage, water filling with a full-featured base station. It can be widely used in hospitals, shopping malls, campuses, exhibition halls, office buildings, terminals and other places.

  • Commercial Cleaning Robot-2

    Commercial Cleaning Robot-2

    Integrated vacuuming, mopping and cleaning, and intelligent frequency conversion: say no to tedious work with dust pushing and floor washing by rolling brushes; intelligent sensing of floor stains; automatic adjustment of water volume and suction power; simple cleaning of dry and wet garbage; and separated solid and liquid garbage.

    Automatic, standard, accurate and controllable cleaning with every corner covered

  • Security Patrol Robot

    Security Patrol Robot

    Outdoor robot for patrol and temperature detection is independently developed by Intelligence. Ally Technology integrated with AI, loT, big data and other advanced technologies to meet the outdoor security requirements in places like industrial parks, communities, pedestrian streets and squares. It will improve the security efficiency,reduce security costs and ensure public security 24/7.